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Homeless Charity

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The Pound Poverty program by Charity Aid, saves lives of victims of starvation and hunger who find themselves helpless in the face of a food crisis. As of today, globally, around 100 million children are estimated to be homeless. These children are vulnerable to exploitation and victimisation. These children do not know of their civil and economic rights therefore leading to the abuse of these rights. Homeless Charity

Article 27 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) articulates that “States Parties recognise the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.”Homeless Charity

There is no possible way that homelessness preserves any of these rights.

Through Pound Poverty we recognise that poverty does not discriminate and nor do we in who we feed. Anyone in need of a meal can expect to be fed by Pound Poverty by Charity Aid. We not only feed the poor in many poverty stricken countries around the world but in order to help tackle homelessness, we feed poor children who are a part of needy families.

When a Mother cries out to you saying: “Feed my starving children,” those cries can not be ignored. After all, none of us want to live in a world where we see poor children in poverty, families dying of starvation and communities plagued by malnutrition.

Our children deserve a stable road to prosperity and we can give them that through poverty eradication. Together we can help end poverty through Charity Aid’s Pound Poverty program!

Every child has the right to opportunities for a bright future but unfortunately several are having this denied. It is our duty to help these children who are the future of this world. 

Your donation can help a child to receive an adequate living standard, opening ways to education, opportunities and a social standing. Homeless Charity

Donate today to help us change lives.


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