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Shoebox Appeal

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Shoebox Appeal each year to provide a little bit of joy and happiness to children. Growing up in poverty can be incredibly difficult. For these children basic necessities are a luxury. They feel as if the world has forgotten them but we can remind them that this isn’t true.

The world is facing a catastrophe like never before. The outbreak of coronavirus has had an immense impact on us all. The global pandemic is spreading faster than ever. However due to the coronavirus we ask you not to send toys/gifts for our Shoebox Appeal to us but instead make a donation. Help A Child Project will buy toys/gifts from within the country and wrap them. Shoebox Appeal

For only £30 you can bring a smile to their faces. With your help we can provide them with the gift of a shoebox filled with things they need and will love. Many of the items in the box will make the world of difference to a child living in poverty. It will make them feel appreciated, loved, worthwhile and confident. Shoebox Appeal

We can show those living in poverty that they are loved and are not alone.  The shoebox will have items to keep children warm, clean and/or entertained. This can include:

  • scarf, woolly hat, gloves
  • crayons, pencils, paper, colouring books
  • toothpaste, toothbrush, facecloth, soap etc.
  • a game or a puzzle

Whilst usually we would ask you fill a shoebox with items, we are now instead asking for money because of the coronavirus pandemic. Please donate today to our Shoebox Appeal and share a little bit of your good fortune with those who need it.

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