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Cancer Charity

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The Cure Our World program by Charity Aid, helps create a world where high quality medical care is not just something available to a small minority living in developed countries, but a right for every man, woman and child to have access to regardless of race, belief, geographical location or any other factor. Cancer Charity

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide with over 9.6 million deaths a year. 17 million cases are diagnosed every year with over 300,000 being children. For those children their lives shatter as death hangs over them like a dark cloud. Their families suffer emotionally, mentally and financially. Cancer Charity

No one believes themselves or their loved ones to become a victim of cancer although 1 in 2 children are diagnosed in their lifetime. It is vital that children receive the help they need no matter where they live in the world. 

In developing countries there is a lack of awareness and facilities to diagnose cancer. 

According to the International Society of Paediatric Oncology and the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations, roughly 80% of children in resource-rich areas will survive while 80% of children in resource-poor settings will die.

This is extremely unfortunate and something needs to be done about it. Every child should have equal chances of survival and with early diagnosis the chances of survival are much higher.  

For this reason, it is important to educate children on the topic to ensure they are aware of the significance of identifying health issues. Cancer Charity

We must make sure that these children are provided with psychological, medical and financial help. Your donation can go a long way. You can aid these children to a secure future.


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